The KKM Method

When looking to outsource or supplement your lead generation you won’t find a better company. We work as a full-service telemarketing firm and we are capable of finding your target market, develop a database, validate your database, gain marketing intelligence while securing appointments, updating your CRM software and confirming appointments. We understand what works in-person doesn’t necessarily work on the phone. We have developed the KKM Method, a strategic approach that allows our Business Development Specialists to engage prospects over the telephone while clearly relaying key messages. By understanding your company, our Business Development Specialists communicate your brand and advantages while building relationships and gaining insight into the potential customer’s needs.

  • Strategy

    The first step when starting a new telemarketing campaign is determining your end goal. Once we understand what you want to achieve during your telemarketing campaign, we will strategically devise a plan to achieve your goal.

    List Development

    Once we have decided which type of campaign best suits your needs, we implement an extensive scrubbing process to refine your database. During the scrubbing process, we validate phone numbers, addresses, key decision makers, and more. If you do not have an extensive prospect database, we can work with you to develop the demographics of your target market to build the richest database which will yield the highest number of qualified leads.

    Collateral Development

    After we reach a target decision maker, they often will ask for additional information about your company to look over before setting an appointment. We develop a short, impactful email message that highlights key points about the company and the person being introduced. The electronic version of the company brochure can make a good attachment along with a well written e-mail that KKM will help develop. We can also make recommendations for other pieces of collateral for the prospect.

    Business Development Specialist Training

    While the scrubbing process occurs, we begin our training. To ensure our Business Development Specialists are an extension of your brand, your Account Manager will gather all of your sales material and learn important terminology and language that will be crucial to our success. We also ask to have a teleconference with your sales team to see their sales presentation. Before officially launching your campaign, your Account Manager makes test calls out of our corporate office. Your Account Manager is your liaison to KKM and will work as an extension of your sales team while developing a reference guide to train our Business Development Specialist on your specific campaign.

    Campaign Launch

    When the reference guide is solidified your campaign will begin. Your Account Manager will randomly quiz and ask to listen in on calls to monitor their ability to speak to your business. Notes are entered into our campaign tracker and shared with you during update calls to review the top level notes and insights from your campaign. When appointments are scheduled, they are sent to you with notes within 24 hours of the phone call. As your campaign progresses, we use these insights while continuously improving your campaign, to ensure that we capitalize on every call.

  • Your company is unique, and while we work together, we will extensively research your company, your product, your team, your competition, and your sales cycle. Functioning as an extension of your brand, we will power a tailored plan to provide your company with as many new business growth opportunities as possible.
  • Appointment Setting – We schedule face to face meetings or conference calls with qualified decision makers and influencers. Do not feel obligated to have an introduction meeting in person. We schedule in-person meetings to gauge your leads interest level. If you are unable to make it in person, just let us know and we will confirm the appointment as a teleconference.

    Marketing Intelligence – We uncover information about your potential clients that shortens the sales cycle and increases the conversion of leads into opportunities. While we have your target market on the phone we want to get as much information as we can to help you with all of your marketing needs. We work with you to build questions into your campaign that can help you understand what is going on in the market today.

    Database Development and Maintenance – Throughout your campaign, we will maintain and update your database to reflect the most current data. We will also develop a list of qualified prospects and seamlessly integrate your CRM.

    List Hygiene – Prospect lists are constantly changing. At KKM, we meticulously inspect all data, including names, titles, addresses, emails, etc., so you know you are using the most up to date information.

    Seminar/Webinar/Tradeshow Follow Up – We will work with you to ensure all invitations are received by the intended recipients. We will achieve maximum attendance at your seminar or webinar and help you enhance the ROI of those activities With our services.