Commonly Asked Questions About Telemarketing

Q. Aren’t telemarketing calls disturbing annoyances?
A. We target prospects that want and need your services, but don’t know about you yet. Once they are informed about what you have to offer, they might see your company as a key element for their business.

Q. What do you do about voicemail?
A. At KKM, we know that talking to a person is the most effective way to drive results. We are persistent with our re-calling, and we will never leave a voice message.

Q. Do you require a minimum hour commitment?
A. Yes, but it is very small. Our initial test program can be executed with a 150 hour commitment. After that, we work with you to determine the best number of hours to fulfill your needs. Once the continuation is decided upon, we can work for you for as few as 10 hours a week.

Q. What kinds of appointments will you set up?
A. They can be for a specific topic, a general meeting, a webinar, or even a conference call. We will tailor your program to suit your needs for appointments.

Q. When can I expect to see results?
A. Our clients usually see results within two weeks.

Q. How are calls monitored?
A. Legally we cannot record conversations, but we monitor every Business Development Specialist twice a month at random listening in to ensure that the Specialist understands and speaks well versed to your campaign. We also do random screenings to quiz the Specialists on the program they are working on to ensure they understand who they are representing.

Q. How does KKM reimburse Specialists?
A. While many other telemarketers pay and charge per appointment we find that this discourages Specialists from exceeding goals. Just as we charge an hourly rate our Specialists are paid at a hourly rate. We have built in goals for every campaign and incentives for Specialists to surpass these goals to ensure that they are consistently pushing messaging to get you a qualified introduction.

Q. Where is KKM located?
A. We are located in a suburb of Chicago, but we have the capabilities to call everywhere in the U.S

Q. How do I stay updated on the progress of my campaign?
A. Throughout your campaign, we will send an electronic notification outlining the details of all confirmed appointments within 24 hours. We also provide bi-weekly reports outlining the results of all completed calls, and at the completion of each program, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of your program’s success.

Q. How do we get started?
A. Contact us. Tell us about your business and objectives, and we’ll help develop a customized plan to achieve your goals.

“KKM forced us to increase our annual sales goals. They originated a deal that that exceeded our annual sales goal. The best news is that deal has provided recurring revenue for more than a decade.

— A Top Tier Professional Services Firm’s CEO