Accelerating the Sales Cycle and Closing Deals

Calling campaign produces $20 million deal; launches company’s dramatic growth in just one year

Critical Issue

A leading anesthesia management company struggled with a hard sell: convincing hospital CEOs to hand over the keys to their operating rooms and trust the company to run it more efficiently. The target market was the nation’s largest hospitals – those with 400+ beds.

The client’s services value an average of $4 million and typically re-direct and re-distribute 70% of the hospital’s revenue. These sales involved the most salient decision makers who are often hesitant to allow this shift in control.

The management company was expanding so rapidly that their internal sales team was preoccupied with closing deals, leaving no time to source new leads. In fact, their pipeline had dwindled to only 15 leads, not enough to sustain their growth goals.


Following their marketing firm’s suggestion, the management company engaged KKMb2b in an executive telemarketing pilot program. The management company’s leadership was skeptical that KKM would be able to influence the hard-to-reach targets and properly relay messaging about the company’s complex and expensive service offering.

First, KKM assessed the management company’s calling needs and soon began a 100 hour pilot program. KKM’s caller expertise garnered numerous connections with hospital administrators which lead to scheduled calls with the appropriate decision-makers. With the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, the KKM team successfully managed the complex sell and outperformed the forecasted goals – winning over the formerly skeptical client.


Based on the success of the pilot program, the management company extended their KKM campaign. Within one year KKM delivered 74 leads, an enormous jump from the previous year’s 15.

Even more impressive, the management company’s sales cycle was dramatically reduced. The 74 highly-qualified leads generated five closed deals within 12 months. Previously, the company averaged only one closed deal per year. And, the value of the closed deals increased as well – one in particular was valued at $20 million.

By taking a step outside of the box and trusting KKM to help them accomplish their sales goals, the management company was able to grow exponentially in a short period of time.