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Sales Pipeline Built from Scratch Helps Launch Company and Successfully Expand

Critical Issue

In the early millennium, the founder of a start-up staffing company based in the Midwest knew he would need to generate a large number of prospects in order to build his sales pipeline from scratch. However, the entrepreneur didn’t have the resources at this early stage to hire a business development team nor the time to make the calls himself. At that point, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to launch this new firm.

Then, he recalled a conversation he’d had earlier that year with KKMb2b’s founder, Kathy McRae. At the time, the entrepreneur was working in the insurance industry and didn’t have a need for KKM’s services. Still, the man was impressed with the executive telemarketing company’s offerings and the results that KKM achieved for their clients.


The staffing firm founder engaged KKM to build his clientele. This allowed him to focus on closing deals rather than having to continuously generate leads.

Before the calling campaign could start, KKM had to build out a database found online. This database was sparse, no decision maker names or phone numbers were included. In addition, KKM organized the database into subspecialties. KKM’s Business Development Specialists were also educated on the staffing firm’s operations as well as the specific requirements for what constituted a solid prospect for the staffing firm.
After determining which specialties would result in the highest ROI for the client, KKM launched the calling campaign to coincide with the staffing company’s public launch. Per the client’s request, all appointments were, and still are, set up as in-person appointments.


Through the lead generation tactics KKM utilized, the staffing company was able to build a solid foundation of clients. And, based on that foundation, the company has opened several other industry-specific staffing companies.

As the founder grows his company to encompass new business endeavors, he continues to rely on KKM to build each subsidiary start-up’s sales pipeline – as well as the parent company’s – to ensure success.